MoviePass might bring the $10 unlimited plan back with new twists – CNET

MoviePass might be bringing back the $9.95 unlimited movie plan with new restrictions and a different way to pay.The movie theater subscription service plans to relaunch the unlimited plan with restrictions on movie and theater choice based on “excessive individual usage,” according to Business Insider’s sources and a staging URL the publication says was live briefly.MoviePass’ ability to restrict what films and theaters subscribers can choose from has been well-documented, most notably last summer when subscribers were unable to see Mission: Impossible – Fallout. MoviePass eventually transitioned customers on its $9.95 per month unlimited plan to a three-movie-per-month plan, which uses a schedule to determine eligible movies.The plan would also ditch using credit or debt cards in favor of annual billing by ACH/eCheck, meaning customers would pay for a year of the service upfront using their bank information. While such a move likely cuts down on processing fees for MoviePass, the service has been known to change their terms rapidly.MoviePass currently has three different plans available for customers: the previously mentioned $9.95 plan for three movies with limited availability that is now named “Select,” an “All Access” plan starting at $14.95 ($17.95 or $19.95 in some regions) that allows for picking any three 2D movies in a month and a “Red Carpet” plan for $19.95 a month ($21.95 or $24.95 in certain regions) that allows for one Imax or RealD 3D film.MoviePass didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on this report.

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