Black Lightning season finale recap: Jennifer suits up

First off, let me say that I’m happy to admit that I’m now eating some of my words from last week. Season 2’s penultimate installment was all over the place, but tonight’s season finale did a good job of bringing enough of the threads together that I’m now satisfied to wait for season 3…especially since the episode ends by presenting a fascinating premise for season 3! But more on that in a bit.
At the top of the episode, we learn more about how dangerous Jennifer’s powers can be. Gambi is the first to arrive on the scene where she’s been brought down by her malfunctioning suit. He manages to revive her, but the brief contact with her radiation knocks Gambi out for a bit. So Jennifer and Thunder bring him back to base while Jefferson and Lynn Pierce go check in on the pod kids. There they find Dr. Jace, and Lynn goes berserk. Seriously, Black Lightning can’t even get a word in edgewise as his wife tackles Jace, punches her repeatedly in the face, and slams her head on the ground. Jace barters for her freedom, offering Lynn technology capable of tracking the briefcase in exchange for them keeping her out of ASA custody.

That turns out to be a mistake. Agent Odell is the devil that Lynn knows, so she’s unnerved and frightened by him. But that’s because she’s not familiar with the Markovians, who are even more dangerous but, until now, haven’t posed as clear a threat to the Pierce family. So after they leave Jace in Freeland PD custody, Henderson’s precinct suddenly comes under assault from a mysterious meta.
Surprise, it’s the teleporting guy in the trenchcoat! Remember him? He appeared briefly in the final minutes of an episode earlier this season, murdering an entire bar with this teleporting powers and his dual pistols, before receiving a call telling him to go to Freeland. Well, he’s here now! He announces that he’s working for Markovia, that country where Dr. Jace previously helped with metahuman research and development. It seems she’s needed back, so he teleports her away. She’s mostly just interested in how his powers work.

Tobias, meanwhile, arranges his ultimate assault on Freeland and its champion, Black Lightning. First, he plays on the “Cape Man” shooting and uses it to produce Rodney King-style riots in Freeland; I’m just glad that story ended up being important after all! Then, Tobias sends his new meta crew of Heatstroke, Coldsnap, New Wave, and Shockwave to disable the city’s power grid with their elemental powers. He’s hoping that the resulting chaos will prove too much for Black Lightning, and for a few minutes, it seems like he might be right. Even after Lala randomly appears to shoot Heatstroke to death, Black Lightning and Thunder are soon trapped by New Wave’s water powers and Coldsnap’s freezing. They’re losing the elemental match-up.

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